Hi tweeZz,

thanks for sharing, but I think it's better to "save as" to a /path/to/


On 2 sep, 09:47, TweeZz <manu.temmermanuyttenbro...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just bumped into something unexpected and thought it might not be a
> bad idea to share it with you..
> I just read the post about the new prototype release (1.6.1). On the
> bottom of the blog post there's a link to download prototype.js
> (http://prototypejs.org/assets/2009/8/31/prototype.js).
> I empty the current prototype.js file I'm using. I open the new
> prototype file in my browser, hit ctrl+a, then paste it in my emptied
> prototype.js file in visual studio.
> I built my application and _tried_ to run it. 8 error... Hmmm... The
> first (most of the time the first error causes the next errors) one
> was: "functionset is not defined".
> Hmmm...
> It seems that visuals studio removes the space between "function set"
> and "function get"... for some reason... Probably this has to do with
> the fact that "set" and "get" are keywords...
> Just add the 2 spaces and you're good to go!
> TweeZz.
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