Thanks Walter!
I would like to avoid of using PE and global variable to store current
innerHTML. I thought that it will be quiet easy and any trick can help
There is other way - hidden form field and prototype's observer. But
this solution doesn't satisfy me too.

Anyway, thanks.

On 2 Wrz, 17:30, Walter Lee Davis <> wrote:
> There's no reliable cross-browser event that gets fired when the  
> content of a DIV (as opposed to a form element, say) changes. One  
> thing you might try would be to have a PeriodicalExecuter running.  
> Have it compare a global variable with the current innerHTML of that  
> DIV, and if they don't match, fire the event and update the global  
> variable. This may be more difficult than I am saying it here, it's  
> often quite hard to get a PE to gather an external variable value more  
> than once (at the moment the PE function is instantiated).
> Walter
> On Sep 2, 2009, at 10:07 AM, Hipnotik wrote:
> > Hi
> > How to call some action if content of the div element has changed?
> > I'm talking about something like this:
> > $("my-div").observe("change", function(e) {
> >    alert("hello");
> > });
> > Expecting behavior:
> > I have this
> > <div id="my-div">some text</div>
> > now I'm changing "some text" to "some other text" and "alert("hello")"
> > should be fired.
> > Thnaks for help.
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