If you need to garuntee that a variable,function or method exists i would 
always wait until the dom is ready or in each function that gets called test 
the function,variable or method exists else timeout untill it does
Alex Mcauley
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> In my <head>, I'm loading several JS files.  I'm expecting this to
> occur:
> 1) script1.js is loaded
> 2) script1.js runs - it creates an object
> 3) script2.js is loaded
> 4) script2.js runs - it creates a different object that depends on
> script1's object.
> 5) and so on....
> This works perfectly in Firefox and Safari, but fails about 25% of the
> time in IE.  I've heard that IE will load JS files in the correct
> order, but will not guarantee that they are executed in the same
> order.  How can I restructure my code or use Prototype to fix my
> current code?
> >

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