I'm working on a search results page where each result has tabs that
display/hide info beneath the search result when clicked.  It is
working perfectly in FF and Chrome, but in IE, the tabs only work
correctly for the first result.

Clicking on any tab after the first search result doesn't display the
info box, but the tab changes color (becomes active).  I also get a JS
error: 'undefined' is null or not an object.

I'm using $$ to select all instances of the tab class when clicked.
If one tab is clicked for one search result and it's info box appears,
clicking another tab will close any tab first (so that only one info
box is open at a time for all search results).

I hope that makes some sense.  The page isn't accessible externally,
but here's an attempt to give a visual:
Search Result 1
tab1 tab2 tab3
-- info box that appears when a tab is clicked --

Search Result 2
tab1 tab2 tab3
-- info box --

Anyone have ANY idea why IE thinks beyond the second search result
tabs are undefined??

Thanks in advance.

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