Alex McAuley pisze:
> I am not trying to validate javascript with the validator lol...
> My page includes it .. and having src="....." is bad coding practise due to 
> parralell downloads ... i munge all the javascript together into one script 
> and compress it all before output - this is not the issue........
> I have now resolved the issue, thanks for your response

Still you shold not include javascript inside html, if the javascript 
does not change with page. All javascript files you include on each 
page of your site you should:
* minify,
* concatenate into one file
* attach a version tag to the file
* serve as external, static, compressed file, with long-term
   Expires: http header

You can read more about minimizing script download times on unofficial 

Creating one external, versioned, compressed and minified javascript 
file containing all the js libraries you use will ensure that you have 
only ONE additional connection to fetch the javascript, with least 
possible size. It will be fast. It will not be necessary for user to 
download it again until a version tag will change, or until user 
clears the local browser cache.

Including javascript inline in html, even minified, will add huge 
amount of data which is downloaded with your pages every page load. 
This is not best idea.

Best regards,

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