... It is included in the head properly.
Once again the problem is solved and thanks for your response.

Alex Mcauley
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> Alex McAuley pisze:
>> I am not trying to validate javascript with the validator lol...
>> My page includes it .. and having src="....." is bad coding practise due 
>> to
>> parralell downloads ... i munge all the javascript together into one 
>> script
>> and compress it all before output - this is not the issue........
>> I have now resolved the issue, thanks for your response
> Still you shold not include javascript inside html, if the javascript
> does not change with page. All javascript files you include on each
> page of your site you should:
> * minify,
> * concatenate into one file
> * attach a version tag to the file
> * serve as external, static, compressed file, with long-term
>   Expires: http header
> You can read more about minimizing script download times on unofficial
> wiki:
> http://proto-scripty.wikidot.com/prototype:tip-minimizing-download-times
> Creating one external, versioned, compressed and minified javascript
> file containing all the js libraries you use will ensure that you have
> only ONE additional connection to fetch the javascript, with least
> possible size. It will be fast. It will not be necessary for user to
> download it again until a version tag will change, or until user
> clears the local browser cache.
> Including javascript inline in html, even minified, will add huge
> amount of data which is downloaded with your pages every page load.
> This is not best idea.
> -- 
> Best regards,
> SWilk
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