Hi Mark,

as you don't want a timer to delay the hide of the "querying ..." text
(I suppose, but you did not finish the sentence)
one thought: test inside GGMap div the number of pin image inserted,
as you know the total number of answers, you could remove your text
when all images are in the DOM.

but there is probably a better way.


On 11 sep, 16:33, wilkinsmd <wilkin...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I'm new to prototype.js and have a question.
> I have a google maps application and I've been trying to implement a
> "Querying..." status indicator while the map is being populated.  The
> map itself works fine, but the timing of the status indicator is off,
> it goes away too soon.  I know why, but I don't know how to correct
> it.
> Here is what I have so far, pay attention to the timing of the
> "Querying..." message and when it is displayed:
> http://www.pawinetalk.com/v2/detail/ajax/index14.php?code=27184
> When you click on "populate map" two things happen:
> 1.  A perl script is called which generates map points in XML
> 2.  Those points are placed on the map
> Now here's my issue:  Utilizing prototype.js, I use ajax.request to
> call the perl script, and use "onComplete" to turn off the
> "Querying..." message.  But at the time when it turns that off, it
> still needs to put the points on the map.  That is handled by another
> javascript function which calls GDownloadUrl, and takes more time
> (depending on the number of points).  I'd like to wait until that
> completes to turn off the "Querying..." message.  BUT, ajax.request
> can only be used when calling a URL to generate some data, and as far
> as I know, not when simply running a javascript function I have
> defined on my page.  And since I can't use ajax.request to place the
> map points, I can't use onComplete and thus the "querying..." message
> is turned off too early.  Not interested in simply adding a
> Does anyone have any ideas on how this can be accomplished?
> Thanks for any help!
> Mark
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