David, thanks that's an interesting approach which I hadn't

(And yes sorry about the typo...correct, I'm not interested in simply
adding a timer, as the delay can vary quite a bit.)

You're right I do know the number of pins.  But, I'm not sure how I
would test to see how many have been added at any point in time, do
you have any ideas for that?


On Sep 14, 9:00 am, david <david.brill...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> as you don't want a timer to delay the hide of the "querying ..." text
> (I suppose, but you did not finish the sentence)
> one thought: test inside GGMap div the number of pin image inserted,
> as you know the total number of answers, you could remove your text
> when all images are in the DOM.
> but there is probably a better way.
> --
> david
> On 11 sep, 16:33, wilkinsmd <wilkin...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi, I'm new to prototype.js and have a question.
> > I have a google maps application and I've been trying to implement a
> > "Querying..." status indicator while the map is being populated.  The
> > map itself works fine, but the timing of the status indicator is off,
> > it goes away too soon.  I know why, but I don't know how to correct
> > it.
> > Here is what I have so far, pay attention to the timing of the
> > "Querying..." message and when it is displayed:
> >http://www.pawinetalk.com/v2/detail/ajax/index14.php?code=27184
> > When you click on "populate map" two things happen:
> > 1.  A perl script is called which generates map points in XML
> > 2.  Those points are placed on the map
> > Now here's my issue:  Utilizing prototype.js, I use ajax.request to
> > call the perl script, and use "onComplete" to turn off the
> > "Querying..." message.  But at the time when it turns that off, it
> > still needs to put the points on the map.  That is handled by another
> > javascript function which calls GDownloadUrl, and takes more time
> > (depending on the number of points).  I'd like to wait until that
> > completes to turn off the "Querying..." message.  BUT, ajax.request
> > can only be used when calling a URL to generate some data, and as far
> > as I know, not when simply running a javascript function I have
> > defined on my page.  And since I can't use ajax.request to place the
> > map points, I can't use onComplete and thus the "querying..." message
> > is turned off too early.  Not interested in simply adding a
> > Does anyone have any ideas on how this can be accomplished?
> > Thanks for any help!
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