On Sep 11, 2:19 am, "Jon B." <jbernha...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to use the reverteffect option on a sortable and it's not
> doing what I would expect. My expectation is that the reverteffect
> would only be triggered if the object I'm dragging is dropped back
> where it started. What I'm seeing is that the reverteffect is
> triggered regardless of where I drop the object. I'm including a
> simple example below.
I havent' used reverteffect or sortable, but I've used revert on
draggable, with a similar result.

It appears that it reverts irrespective of whether the drop succeeded
or not.

What I have done is to hide the dragged element when the drag
succeeds, so that the revert is not visible. In my case, the dropsite
is then regenerated in Ajax, so there is a brief moment when the
element has disappeared, and then it appears again in its new home. I
don't know if your instance could work that way.

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