I use...

$$('.class').each(function(element) {
    if(element.checked==true) {
    // do somehting with the element or its value

there might be a better way

Alex Mcauley

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2009/9/14 Russell Keith <russell.ke...@aacreditunion.org>:
> I have the following code that works just fine. I can’t figure out how to
> tell how many check boxes are checked. I want to limit it to four check
> boxes. Any help would be appreciated, or even a point in the right
> direction.
> $$('input.check').each(function(elem){
> elem.observe('click', function(){
> alert(elem.id);
> });
> });
> >

I have a similar process.

My solution was to put the <input type="checkbox"> into a <div id="cb_div">

I then use ...

$('cb_div').observe('click', function(ev){
   if (4 == $$('cb_div input[type="checkbox"][checked="checked"]').length) {
    return false;

sort of thing.

Basically use a selector to find the number of checked checkboxes
inside the div holding the checkboxes. If this number is equal to or
greater than 4, then don't bubble the event / ignore the event.

If it is less than 4, then do nothing as the event will bubble and the
checkbox will get its click.

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