On Monday 05 October 2009 13:13:13 Alex Mcauley wrote:
> Afternoon peoples, hope everyone had a good weekend.
> Got a sligt problem... I have been developing a new app that needs an
> iframe to upload an image...
> All of this is done and working properly but i need to use some
> prototypejs functions fro the parent document...
> I can simple call with "parent.myFunction();" for it to work...
> Will prototype functions work this way aswell...
> Something like...
> parent.$('myIframeElement').observe(...........
> Or will it completely not work like that ... I dont want to re-
> download prototype to the browser from inside the iframe as it will
> slow it down and is not neccessary

My advice is to switch away from iframes. You can use them with prototype 
but I've always found it creates lots of problems. Prototype assumes a single, 
global document and window. When there are two it often goes wrong, even if 
you load it twice.

For example, you can replace iframes+designMode with div+contentEditable, 
possibly making the div scroll with overflow:scroll.


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