i would suggest using onDrag and checking if the current X/Y of the dragged 
element is outside the viewport ... if it is then scroll the window up to 

Alex Mcauley
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> I have created a demo page to better describe my problem,
> take a look here: http://www.dantilley.net/dnd_problem.html
> This is a simplified version of a page I am working on,
> the problem is that if I scroll down to the lower objects I can no
> longer drop them on the areas at the top.
> On 7 Oct, 12:35, BlackEel <dan.til...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Basic problem: I have a large list of objects that are drag and drop,
>> the page scrolls vertically, there also drop targets on the page, but
>> at the top. Therefore if I scroll to the bottom of the object list I
>> cannot drop draggables on the drop targets at the top of the page.
>> Solution one: Make the drop targets position:fixed;
>> This is great, the drop targets are always on screen no matter where
>> you scroll on the object list, and is my prefered solution.
>> Problem: postion:fixed; breaks the drop targets, the drop target stays
>> at the top of the page only the visual representation of the drop
>> target stays fixed.
>> Solution two: Make the object list overflow-y:scroll;
>> This is not as good a solution but it would work by making the object
>> list height less than the browser window height with a scroll bar so
>> that you can scroll the object list without moving the drop targets.
>> Problem: Draggables are confined inside the scrollable div, you can
>> still work the drop targets with the mouse cursor but the visual
>> representation of the dragged object is hidden in the scrollable divs
>> overflow.
>> Any ideas?
> >

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