just wanted to post a quick note for those who maybe had problems like

- Prototype v.1.6.1
- Firefox 3.5
- JS Error: root.querySelectorAll is not a function (about line 3299
in prototype.js)

This started to happen on Magento checkout pages, where the Accordion
is and I don't know if this is a prototype bug or not, so - I don't
know why and when this happens, but on my situation initially - the
root variable is a string so it passes the initial check (root = root
|| document) causing problems later. :) Here's a solution.

in the prototype.js prepend this line (~3299):

results = $A(root.querySelectorAll(e)).map(Element.extend);

so it looks like this:

if(typeof root == string) root = $(root);
results = $A(root.querySelectorAll(e)).map(Element.extend);

I hope this gets helpful to someone.

Julius Seporaitis

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