Hi Kenny,

I tested the link with FF3.5 and it works :))
Which version has this problem ??

btw, one suggestion is to be sure that the starting color is defined
in the CSS before the effects start. But default color in
scriptaculous is white so ....


On 23 nov, 01:48, Kenny <kennypres...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello:
> I'm glad to have found this group as I'm very eager to get
> Sciptaculous working properly. I recently discovered Scriptaculous,
> and I tested version 1.6.4 on a website I built for my friend, using
> <body onLoad="appearFromInvisible()">.  It worked perfectly in IE, but
> in Firefox, upper-case letters (especially of  white fonts) displayed
> half green when they completed fading in. Now that I upgraded to the
> latest version of Scriptaculous 1.8.3, the green color only flashes
> momentarily onto the white fonts just before completeley fading in.
> Are you familiar with this problem? Is there a way to correct it?
> The test page showing the problem:http://www.billyjoeconor.com/home-test.html
> Thanks


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