Google is my friend. Naturally, the next result I hit upon told me  
that there might be a mismatch between the URL requested by the form's  
Action and the rest of the page. Sure enough, I had used PHP's  
$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] to construct the URL, and it wasn't the same  
as the request (missing the WWW part) so this error cropped up. I  
chopped down the Action to just the script name, and it works like a  
big dog.


On Nov 24, 2009, at 6:31 PM, Walter Lee Davis wrote:

> I have a form with an Ajax request() to update the form with survey
> results. It works great in Firefox, but when I submit it from Safari
> 4.latest on Mac OS X, I get nothing at all in the browser for results,
> and the console says "Refused to get unsafe header "X-JSON". I've
> tested this on two different Macs.


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