On 02 Dec 2009, at 15:25, fma wrote:

> But it does not work. In the _show() method, the call to
> this._flashNavButtons() leads to an error (this._flashNavButtons() is
> not a function). I think I understand why: when called from the
> timeout mecanism, 'this' no longer exists, or does not point anymore
> on my object...
> Is there a way to pass 'this' in the timeout callback? I also use such
> timeout callback to make the navgation buttons blink 3 times when the
> photo is opened in full size...

Instead of relying on setTimeout, you would be better off just  
rewriting the whole thing in a more Prototype way and using Ajax to  
fetch the image, then use the callback to display the fullscreen  

Now if you still just want to get the setTimeout working, you probably  
could just use:

setTimeout(function() {this._show}.bind(this),300);

Best regards

Peter De Berdt


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