Hello there,

I have another question that I hope someone can give me some insight
As I want all javascript code to be in a seperate file, I wrote a
function "initialiseElements" which literally takes an element and
initialises its behaviour based upon some attributes (classname for

Basically it takes the elemen, checks whether el.readAttribute
("isInitialised") == false, and in that case processes the element
(adding tooltips for action images, adding onclick behaviour,
onmouseover behaviour, add validators to inputs and so on...)
When processed we set el.writeAttribute("isInitialised") = true so
that it will only process one element a single time...

I found this way of working to be going great, and I basically call
the initialiseElement method for each element upon loading the form,
making it a very generic process...

However (yes, there is a but!!!), I do have an issue of course when I
cal some ajax to update the content; in that case I need to initialise
the elements that have been added...

Is there a way to observe the dom and automatically run newly created
elements through the initialise function?

Would this be a good approach?
How do you guys deal with stuff like this?

thanks so much in advance again for your much appreciated feedback.


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