I build an array with some DOM elements, and try to apply effects on them 
using invoke(). But it does not work.

Ie may be a problem with function defined as pesudo-methods, but I don't 
get any usefull error neither in Firebug, nor in IE debugger.

As I want to use Effect.Opacity(), I wrote a pure function as:

function _opacity(el, args) {
    new Effect.Opacity(el, args);

then in my class:

this._navButtons = [this._view.prevButton,
this._navButtons.invoke("_opacity", {'from': 0,
                                     'to': 1,

In Firebug, I get:

reference to undefined property this[arguments[0]]
[Break on this error]

without any traceback or code line. In IE, I get:

'undefined' a la valeur null ou n'est pas un objet
('undefined' as null value or is not an object)

at line 713 of prototype.js; it is the call to my method:

    return value[method].apply(value, args);

What I did wrong? Is it a problem with this context?



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