I can't use any of Prototype's load listeners or defer because this is
before Prototype has been loaded (chicken and egg dilemma).  The
"God" (straight up JS) needs to make sure that the egg (Prototype) and
chicken (my code that uses Prototype) are only created once.  There is
no other JS that I am including that could conflict with this

As a simple test, I only included this code once in the body tag:

   if (typeof(RAN_ONCE) === 'undefined') {
      RAN_ONCE = true;
      // minified Prototype code here
      // minified my widget code here

It succeeds in IE but fails in FF with the "$A undefined" error.  Now
I know it is not a matter of Prototype being redefined.  It fails with
just running once!

On Dec 17, 11:50 pm, "T.J. Crowder" <t...@crowdersoftware.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Script tags are executed in strict document order on all browsers
> (unless the `defer` attribute is put on the script tag), not least
> because the scripts might output to the document inline via
> `document.write` -- and so order of execution is critical. (The
> `defer` attribute changes that by telling the browser that the script
> won't be outputting to the document and so the browser can continue
> formatting and parsing without executing the script, if it wants.) But
> I'm guessing you're not using `defer`, so things will occur in
> document order.
> Regarding running in parallel, JavaScript in browsers is single-
> threaded (by design), so you can be certain your script is the only
> one running on the page at the moment it's running.
> You can't *reliably* use code that accesses the DOM (`$$`) inline; you
> need to go looking for things once the DOM is fully-populated. That's
> why Prototype supplies the dom:loaded event, although there are other
> ways, including window.onload (but that waits until images are
> complete), putting the call to trigger things in a script right at the
> end of the document before the closing <html> tag (and even then, I'd
> use a Function#defer to let the browser really finish, but I'm a bit
> paranoid), etc.
> But forget the DOM for a moment, I can't see any reason why `$A` would
> be undefined as long as the code using it appears in a script loaded
> after Prototype. But I'm not sure I follow you about Prototype getting
> "redefined" -- is it being included more than once? I'm pretty sure
> that doesn't work (in fact, we just had a thread here in the group
> about a specific way that didn't work on IE7).
> If Prototype isn't being loaded more than once, are there other third-
> party scripts or libraries on the page that may be interfering with `
> $A`?
> HTH,
> --
> T.J. Crowder
> Independent Software Consultant
> tj / crowder software / comwww.crowdersoftware.com
> On Dec 15, 8:57 pm, JoJo <tokyot...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'm creating a widget where I tell people to copy and paste this code
> > onto their site:
> >    <script type="text/javscript" src="http://www.site.com/script.js";></
> > script>
> >    <div class="widget"></div>
> > Script.js looks for all the widget divs on the page by using $$ and
> > dynamically fills them up.  Now, I'm not catering to nerd programmers
> > who know that it's better to do this when they need to embed multiple
> > widgets:
> >    <head>
> >       <script>
> >    </head>
> >    <body>
> >       <div class="widget"></div>
> >       <div class="widget"></div>
> >       <div class="widget"></div>
> >    </body>
> > Instead, I'm expecting stupid people to be doing this:
> >    <body>
> >       <script>
> >       <div class="widget"></div>
> >       <script>
> >       <div class="widget"></div>
> >       <script>
> >       <div class="widget"></div>
> >    </body>
> > So I've tried to only execute my script once using:
> >    if (typeof(RAN_ONCE) === 'undefined') {
> >       RAN_ONCE = true;
> >       // minified Prototype code here
> >       // minified my widget code here
> >    }
> > This code works well in IE, but not in FF. FF always reports an error
> > saying $A is undefined. I'm guessing that FF actually ran my code in
> > parellel and thus Prototype got redefined and screwed up?  Does anyone
> > know how execution order is different in IE and FF with inline JS?


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