Thanks for the input.. I got the first part of it working, just by
creating the list after selecting the records from the mysql db..

strSQL = "SELECT " _
& "* " _
& "FROM " _
& "_creditreason "

set objRS = objConn.Execute(strSQL)

buildCreditReasons = "<ul id=""myList"" class=""listClass"">"
dim blnChecked
if objRS.EOF and objRS.BOF then
do until objRS.EOF
buildCreditReasons = buildCreditReasons & "<li id=""item_" & objRS
("CreditReasonID") & """>" & objRS("Name") & "</li>"
end if

This gives me the drag and drop list on the page.  Now I just have to
figure out how to pass the newOrder object through the query string so
I can write the information back to the database.  That's all ASP
stuff though, so I'll post again if I have any trouble with the
scriptaculous functions.  I know one thing I need to do is make it
look better.  The simple bulleted list doesn't look good and it
doesn't show the selection that I'm dragging until I drop it.

On Jan 14, 5:03 am, ColinFine <> wrote:
> On Jan 13, 3:23 pm, vElentari <> wrote:
> > I'm learning ASP,MySQL, and javascript all crash-course style right
> > now, so please forgive me ahead of time for my ignorance!  :)
> > I'd like to use the Sortable feature on a page to reorder list
> > elements.  The elements are in aMySQLdatabase, and the site is ASP.
> > I have a basic HTML table that displays the list now.  Each record
> > contains the unique ID, the name of the element, a boolean value for
> > whether the item should be Active or not, and an OrderBy field.  I'd
> > like to hide that OrderBy field on the page, and instead of having the
> > user manually reorder the list, use the sortable drag/drop feature.
> > I'm just looking for sample code on using classic ASP with aMySQL
> > database to grab the records, create the list and use scriptaculous to
> > handle the reordering for the user, and then write the new order back
> > to the database.
> > I've found a bunch of examples out there of people using PHP and I'm
> > sure I can figure it out but if I don't need to recreate the wheel...
> If all you want to do is make your table sortable by the user, I would
> suggest you don't use scriptaculous at all, but just look at Matt
> Kruse's table.js (http:/ -I'm sure
> there are other similar tools, but this is the one I have used). You
> don't have to write any Javascript at all - you just give elements in
> your table the right classes, and include table.js, and it does it all
> for you.
> Of course, if you want to do other whizzy things with,
> then by all means use it :)
> > Thanks
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