I'd like to add an event to a div on the page, the onMouseOver event.
I need to add it after the page loads because that particular object
should not be available for the first couple seconds, beside, and you
can witness it here, thing seem to fire out of sequence and break the
javascript code for the Woodward banner on this page:


You can reproduce the problem by
1.  close the banner (pops up first time until a cookie is dropped)
2.  click on the result link in the top blue margin of the website

this will just bring you back to this page

3.  move your mouse over the Woodward banner location where it
collpases on the left margin of the page

notice now that the img map for the banner graphics doesn't work and
this is because the javascript fires out of sequence (I could probably
spend more time evaluating the javascript, but I thought it would be
just as easy to add the onMouseOver event in my init routine.

So anyhow, take a look please.
Thanks, Karl..

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