Hey Jinsa,

good of you!

Hard pressed to come up with a solution, I ran the HTML (generated by
Formtastic) through validator.w3.org - and turned out the input tag
was not closed properly ( <input /> was missing the slash). Posted my
observation to the Formtastic group here on Google - and they pointed
my attention to the DOCTYPE. I use the DOCTYPE suggested by the Rails
framework - but browsers apparently do not interpret the handling of
tags uniformly :(
(really can't say I didn't know that)

Lesson learned:
building documents dynamically using innerHTML - or via Prototype
methods (replace and update) - it is of vital importance to have the
dynamic HTML validated, or selecting a DOCTYPE which will allow for
looser interpretations, at least pertaining to forms manipulation and
Ajax calls.

I have to apologise here! Neither Prototype nor Script.aculo.us is to
blame - and I've been crying wolf for no reason at all.

Please excuse my lack of command in the W3C specs <:(


On 6 Maj, 10:32, Jinsa <jf.wesq...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey,
> Can you put your code in order to have a better view of your problem?
> This kind of request works on IE so it should be a little mistake in
> your code. Just put it there and we will try to help you :)
> Bye,
> Jinsa.

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