Great list, thanks for that! Seems to be more exhaustive then other
lists I've seen so far.

On 1 Jun., 19:06, Eric <> wrote:
> Hi,
> iPhone and friends use dedicated event like touchstart, touchend,
> touchmove and touchcancel (those 4 ones seems to do what you're
> looking for and seems to be supported by both iPhone and Androids
> phones (with the stock browser)).
> You may find an exhaustive(?) list of event supported by your browser
> by opening this page:
> HTH,
> Eric
> Note: You may have to implement your own drag'n drop framework using
> those messages since I have no idea if scriptaculous one support them
> (probably not or you wouldn't have asked :o) ).
> On May 30, 5:14 am, Shank Bogey <> wrote:
> > I have an online chess site that uses scriptaculous for drag and drop
> > (  I would love if the chess board (drag and
> > drop) worked on the iPhone, is this possible?
> > Touch and drop would be great...
> > I've been seaching google for the last hour and haven't gotten very
> > far.  I would very much appreciate some guidance.
> > Thanks!

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