I have a page where <div>s are displayed using a nice simple parallel
Fade/Appear effect. I also fade in the <div>s on the initial page

In some of the <div>s, there are <input> tags. I want to be able to
set focus to the tag.

Trying to do so generates an error.

My fade in code is

new Effect.Parallel(    [
        new Effect.Appear('banner',      {duration : 1.00, delay : 0.50}),
        new Effect.Appear('vsContainer', {duration : 2.00, delay : 0.50})
        {sync: true}

In vsContainer, there is an element <input type="text" maxlength="10"
name="vsRequest[Vehicle]" id="requestVehicle" value="" />

I want to put the focus on this element.



would do the trick, and if I type that into the console (chrome,
firefox, IE8), then it works just fine.

But not when placed immediately after the effect, I get an error -
essentially $('requestVehicle') is null.

I've tried using ...



But nope.

What would be nice is if there was a way to chain the focus call to
the end of the Effect.Parallel code. If Effect.Parallel fired an event
when the job was finished (for example).

Any ideas?

Richard Quadling
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