I had an AJAX file upload solution built out, where you use javascript
to create a hidden iframe element, then you set the form to post to
that hidden frame. It worked, however if you go through the trouble of
that i would recommend you opt for a flash based file uploader. Much
more robust and can give you a multiple file upload functionality.

On Jun 4, 2:46 am, Peter De Berdt <peter.de.be...@pandora.be> wrote:
> On 04 Jun 2010, at 00:57, jon...@gmail.com wrote:
> > I want to send a form with the enctype as multipart/form-data
> > using the prototype ajax.request
> > how can I do it?
> If you want file upload using Ajax, google for "AJAX file upload". You  
> basically can't do it due to Javascript security and have to rely on  
> either an iFrame to post the form data to or a Flash-based solution.  
> You could also wait a couple more years until the HTML5 File API is  
> implemented across all browsers :-)
> Best regards
> Peter De Berdt

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