I have a search widget class written in prototype that's been running
fine for a couple of years now in FF and IE6+7. The user enters search
parms, clicks a button and an ajax interaction (using jboss seam)
retrieves data from a host server class (Java). The results are
populated into a div and rendered using Element.show. The search
widget is flexible enough to be used in multiple pages. The button
event fired is onmousedown.

The problem I am having with IE8 is that the mouseup event is being
invoke and reloading the form (which contains the search widget). If I
keep the button pressed down, the results display fine. Once I let the
button go (mouseup) my form is reloaded. I've tried intercepting the
mouseup event but it only nullifies the mousedown. I'm using the
latest prototype.js (1.7x and have tried multiple versions).

Any ideas?

many thanks

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