On 2 July 2010 09:34, T.J. Crowder <t...@crowdersoftware.com> wrote:
> Hi Richard,
>> I've got a <div> containing a set of <span><checkbox><label></span>
>> sort of thing.
> OT, and not to throw a spanner in, but I assume if you're doing that,
> you have an ID on every checkbox and a `for` on every label (so the
> labels know what checkbox they relate to). You can avoid that and
> ditch the span as well:
>    <label><checkbox>Label text</label>
> That will automatically associate the label with the checkbox, no IDs
> or `for`s required.
> Re the sorting:
>> So once the client has tidied the display, I know how many columns I
>> can have to fill.
> Do you know this before you create the grid? Or do you have to create
> the grid before you know how many columns you have, and *then* sort
> it?
> -- T.J. :-)

I don't create a real grid/table. I'm just using left floats with
fixed width spans (and I'll be changing that to the embedded cbs in
labels - thanks).

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