I guess you can do something like:

    var o = Event.element(event); //and that's the object who was been
mouseovered X)

Here is a similar question did it time ago in this list.... best

in the new prototype 1.7 RC are a better way to doing this.


On Jul 9, 8:50 pm, Matt <matthew.jones...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, I am trying to figure out how to reference a specific div after
> it has been mouseOver, when i have an observe on a class-name that a
> bunch of div's share. The reason for this i want the code to be
> expandable where i can have multiple boxes with the same class,
> sharing all CSS properties, without having to sequentially id each
> div, and have X amount of observes; one for each specific div.
> So the basic JS would be something like:
> $$('.className'),observe('mouseover',
> funcToCall(way_to_reference_div) );
> with a bunch of div's coded in html like:
> <div class="className"></div>
> <div class="className"></div>
> <div class="className"></div>
> ...
> i understand if i have to add an id to each specific div, but i want a
> way to reference the id from a single observe statement that works for
> all div's sharing that class.
> Thanks,

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