Hi there,

I'm using a login based on prototype's Ajax-functions on my website. It works perfectly with every up-to-date browser, but for the new Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 it is broken.

I'm doing the following:

// several pre-checks
if (ok) {
new Ajax.Request('dispatcher.php', {method:'post', parameters: {mode: 'login', server: $('l_server').value, login: $('l_loginname').value, pass: $('l_password').value, l_ref: $('l_ref').value}, onSuccess: _handleLoginSuccess, onFailure: _handleLoginFailure});

dispatcher.php contacts some server based on the users' choice, establishes a session and sends that session-cookie back to the browser, alongside with further information like a target url. The json-result looks like:
{"error":false,"target":"url here","ident":"4e932"}
The cookie is set correctly in the response-header.

Now the onSuccess-handler should handle this result. But: nothing happens. The handler:

function _handleLoginSuccess(e) {
        e = e.responseJSON;

There is no console output, there is nothing of the payload executed. If I set a breakpoint inside the handler, it is never reached. The failure-handler isn't called either.

Now I'm stuck. Anyone having a great idea how to track down that problem? I'm using prototypes last stable release 1.6.1

Thank you in advance


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