Hi Richard,

There are some specific events, but I am not sure they are already

You may find/test them on this page: http://yura.thinkweb2.com/isEventSupported/
Have a look at iPhone touch/gesture events section.

Note fwiw that despite the section's name, touch* events are also
supported by android phones (but not the gesture* ones).

If you use them, I am curious to know if prototype handle them right
(I didn't have time to play with them yet :o) )


On Jul 29, 1:41 pm, Richard Quadling <rquadl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm developing a tiny little web page app which allows vehicle
> inspectors to see the work last carried out on a vehicle.
> The display shows the order header (who, when) and the order details (what).
> At the bottom of the display, there are 3 buttons - Prev, New Search, Next.
> The display is fed using AJAX, so no screen redraws and is very responsive.
> Along with the Prev and Next buttons, a user can press 'P' or 'N'.
> The app only has 2 input boxes and a button on the first "page"
> (vehicle number and personal pin number for the inspector which is
> linked to the contract(s) which are linked to the vehicle).
> The main display has the 3 buttons described above and there is an
> error notification "page" (vehicle not found, invalid pin number,
> etc.). This page has the "New Search" button.
> All working great on a desktop (IE8, Chrome and FireFox).
> The app is going to be mainly used via a browser on a mobile internet
> device (could be an iPhone, an iPad, or anything that has a browser).
> For the touch screen systems, I'd like to be able to implement some
> touch screen support.
> I'd like to implement something where if the user wipes their finger
> from left to right (like turning a page), then they are choosing
> "Previous". If they wipe right to left, then are choosing "Next".
> Are there any standards for this (OK, I'm just being hopefully) ?
> Can I simulate this using Prototype?
> At a guess, I think the following steps are needed ...
> 1 - On mousedown, record position and time.
> 2 - On mouseup, determine direction and duration.
> 3 - For a short duration and a fairly low difference in the vertical
> movement, assume the intent is to trigger the page turning
> 4 - For a long duration or a big difference in the vertical movement,
> do nothing extra.
> Assuming something like the above is right, how does
> highlight/cut/paste mechanism work?
> For this app, the content is pretty generic and no real need for cut and 
> paste.
> Any ideas/suggestions/etc. would be gratefully received.
> Regards,
> Richard Quadling.

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