About ideas/suggestions, instead of using text input for entering car
and personal pin numbers, have you considered using bar codes?
It is surprisingly easy to add barcode reading from a website using
ZXing (http://code.google.com/p/zxing).

In big lines, you have to install the free scanner on the phone
(available on iPhone, android and some others), and then the phone's
web browser can understand specially formated urls (see doc for
details) that will when navigated to (i.e when user press a button) :
- Start the scanner
- Navigate to one of your url with the scanned barcode value as GET

I would be surprised that any company owning a fleet of vehicles
nowadays would not having already sticked on them some barcode ID for
maintainability purpose.

FWIW, that would be a killer app to use (press one button, point
phone's camera to car's code until it beeps, point phone's camera to
your id badge until it beeps, and press a confirmation button) :o)


PS: Of course, don't remove the text input for peoples using an
iPad ;o)
On Jul 29, 1:41 pm, Richard Quadling <rquadl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm developing a tiny little web page app which allows vehicle
> inspectors to see the work last carried out on a vehicle.
> The display shows the order header (who, when) and the order details (what).
> At the bottom of the display, there are 3 buttons - Prev, New Search, Next.
> The display is fed using AJAX, so no screen redraws and is very responsive.
> Along with the Prev and Next buttons, a user can press 'P' or 'N'.
> The app only has 2 input boxes and a button on the first "page"
> (vehicle number and personal pin number for the inspector which is
> linked to the contract(s) which are linked to the vehicle).
> The main display has the 3 buttons described above and there is an
> error notification "page" (vehicle not found, invalid pin number,
> etc.). This page has the "New Search" button.
> All working great on a desktop (IE8, Chrome and FireFox).
> The app is going to be mainly used via a browser on a mobile internet
> device (could be an iPhone, an iPad, or anything that has a browser).
> For the touch screen systems, I'd like to be able to implement some
> touch screen support.
> I'd like to implement something where if the user wipes their finger
> from left to right (like turning a page), then they are choosing
> "Previous". If they wipe right to left, then are choosing "Next".
> Are there any standards for this (OK, I'm just being hopefully) ?
> Can I simulate this using Prototype?
> At a guess, I think the following steps are needed ...
> 1 - On mousedown, record position and time.
> 2 - On mouseup, determine direction and duration.
> 3 - For a short duration and a fairly low difference in the vertical
> movement, assume the intent is to trigger the page turning
> 4 - For a long duration or a big difference in the vertical movement,
> do nothing extra.
> Assuming something like the above is right, how does
> highlight/cut/paste mechanism work?
> For this app, the content is pretty generic and no real need for cut and 
> paste.
> Any ideas/suggestions/etc. would be gratefully received.
> Regards,
> Richard Quadling.

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