I know that Ajax.Request works fine, the whole site uses it, I'll post
my code as soon as I get to the office...

I've been using firebug and firephp, but they so not show the response
either, it's really strange!

On 6 ago, 03:45, "T.J. Crowder" <t...@crowdersoftware.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> We'd need to see the code doing the request and processing the result.
> In general, Ajax.Request works just fine on FF for Windows.
> If you don't already have it, I'd recommend installing Firebug[1] and
> stepping through the code, identifying exactly where it's going wrong
> -- e.g., is it a problem with the request? Your handling of the
> response? The updates you make to the page?
> If you can isolate the problem to a small, self-contained example[2],
> that may also help.
> [1]http://getfirebug.com/
> [2]http://proto-scripty.wikidot.com/self-contained-test-page
> HTH,
> --
> T.J. Crowder
> Independent Software Consultant
> tj / crowder software / comwww.crowdersoftware.com
> On Aug 6, 5:42 am, PabloR <p.rodrigue...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I have a whole site running on prototype and scriptaculous, no
> > problems with that!
> > But the las page I added is making me hit my head against the wall, it
> > works on Firefox/Linux and it rund on Chrome/Windows, (haven't tested
> > on IE yet), but it doesn't do anything on Firefox/Windows.
> > I have a function, whick uses an ajax.Request to retrieve some data
> > from the database and display some things on the page, but on FF/Win I
> > get NO response.
> > Any ideas?
> > Thank you in advance!

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