I'm about to go home and have a question for tomorrow's work.

1 - Take a <div> container.

2 - Use AJAX to add a bunch of labels/checkboxes. The labels are
supplied alphabetically sorted.

3 - Use JS to tidy the label widths so that the display looks like columns.

4 - Add an attribute to the labels indicating the column/row ordering
to be used.

5 - Sort the labels based upon the column/row ordering so that you
read the data in columns (e.g. a - g in col1, h - m in col2, etc.)

I've got this working, but I don't think it is particularly efficient.

So to my question.

Can I sort the children of a container so that after the sort, the
children are displayed in the new order?

Currently, I have to ...

1 - Add the labels to the container (inserting template.evaluate()'s
at bottom of container element).

2 - Read all the elements into an array.

3 - Sort the array.

4 - Zap the container.

5 - Re-add the elements.

I think I'd have to bubble sort the container's children by hand ...

Is that an appropriate solution?

Can I say something like (pseudo) ...

holdingElement = container.childElement[x];
container.childElement[x] = container.childElement[y];
container.childElement[y] = holdingElement;

sort of thing.

Richard Quadling
Twitter : EE : Zend
@RQuadling : e-e.com/M_248814.html : bit.ly/9O8vFY

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