On Sep 10, 8:43 pm, SpaceTripStudios <c.lynn.willi...@gmail.com>
> Hey there, I'm a noob to web development and even more so with
> JavaScript but my big goal is to be a web standards aficionado. So
> imagine how thrilled I was to craft my first site and have it work
> perfectly in Chrome, Safari and... that's it. Explorer and Firefox
> don't like the simple slide-out contact form I created.

It would be helpful if you would be more specific about "don't like".
Do they
- report an error on loading?
- load but do nothing?
- do something but give the wrong result?
- hang?
- crash?
- something else?

It is not a coincidence that bug-reporting sites often have boxes
labelled "expected behaviour" and "results seen" or words to that

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