I feel exactly like you, but I guess there'll always be some
prototypejs diehards (like me!). I tried out a little of JQuery and
frankly didn't like it in spite of it's... um... sex appeal. I also
went on to investigate other APIs like UIze, etc. Again I think they
all might have some good qualities and features, ... but I don't see
why anyone can't do the same stuff with PrototypeJS... so I am going
to stick to it... and hopefully soon port my old stuff to the latest
version, 1.7 that is, which includes some more convenient stuff for
which one had to write a bit of code before... advance measurement of
layers have been included now and this is very useful, Previously I
had to create my own hidden layer cached, load the data, apply visual
styling to the data and then obtain the measurement before displaying
the layer. Now that's all covered in one or two new API functions
which is good...

One of the things I like about PrototypeJS is the way you write it,
the semantics, that is. I don't know why but there are certain
languages and scripts I can take to because I like the way you can
write them, and certain others I would hate to see in any part of my
code. The classic example for me is VBScript and JS. When I first
began to web dev around mid-nineties, these scripts came my way as
options... and somehow I did not like VBScript at all,... even to this
day. And anyway, it's dead, fortunately. It's a bad feeling you get,
especially in the lower abdomen when you suspect that something, some
tool or language you have used for years and is good with is no longer
going to be around or becomes obsolete. However, my luck has been
good. JavaScript has only become better and now we have this OO style
APIs. CSS too, and server side PHP is definitely doing well, never
mind the new stuff like RoR. I think I made a good choice and ignored
ASP altogether, even JSP and CF... and I don't regret it.

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