On 7/21/2011 9:42 PM, Walter Lee Davis wrote:

On Jul 21, 2011, at 8:32 PM, Jason wrote:

I agree with both Richard and Sander - and there might be a middle

I think that community comments, examples etc are a good addition to documentation and help users that are starting out - it would also give the new user a sense there was someplace to go for help. There has been many times I was working with a new function and was able to figure it out from the community comments instead of the "official"
documentation (no offense intended)

On the other hand full blown PHP documentation like is overkill and is
too much too fast

On the third hand - I would be more than happy to contribute to
building the community section, but I'm not sure if a PHP guru will be
much help (as I'm assuming its built on Ruby)

The current documentation (1.7) is generated directly from the source code using a tool written by one of the core guys -- I think it's called jsDoc or something like that. Anyway, it's just static HTML, CSS and JavaScript (naturally) once that tool is done.

I think that if there was enough energy for moderation, or some sort of community moderation system, that a great add-on to the site would be something like Disqus, so the user comments and corrections could be added to the mix. That's the thing I really love about the PHP site, and miss in other languages. It's an annotated encyclopedia that has lots of interesting stuff written in the margins by everyone else who ever used it. I can't count the number or really hard problems I was able to solve by looking at someone's example code in the comments.


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