OK, you want it - you got the feedback.

1. Input fields have slightly different height depending on OS, fonts, 
browsers etc., so `<div class="my-combobox-button gradient"></div>` and `<div 
class="my-datepicker-select-button"></div>` are looking bad. Either you set 
both heights (of INPUT and of DIV) to the same value explicitly, or instead 
of additional DIVs make background image on INPUTs.

2. It is not convenient to call every time Event.observe(...) or new 
MY.DatePicker(...) explicitly (e.g. I have many HTML fragments loaded 
dynamically via AJAX or created in JavaScript). What do you think about 
unobtrusive creation? You can create DatePicker and ComboBox when the input 
field becomes focused first time.

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