i don't think Prototype has a method for directly editing a STYLE tag
(only for modifying styles on element[s].

seems to offer a couple cross-browser approaches by examining feature
support to determine which way to append style rules to the interior
of a STYLE tag.

i haven't tested, but as they say, seems legit.
-joe t.

On Oct 17, 11:55 am, Luke <lukas.bomb...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I wanna add CSS-Definitions to a <style>-tag using Prototype. In all "good"
> browsers (ALL^IE) this works by simplay appending a CSS-String to the
> desired <style>-tag. IE doesn't like this though. I found [1] that in IE you
> can update the entire contents of the style-tag using an attribute named *
> cssText* but that doesn't append but replace the all definitions.
> So I was wondering, does Prototype JS already have a method to append
> style-definitions to a styletags for all browsers?
> Thanks,
> Lukas
> [1]http://acidmartin.wordpress.com/2009/05/06/creating-style-tag-with-ja...

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