On Oct 18, 10:29 am, buda <www...@pochta.ru> wrote:
> that sample was to demonstarte Object.clone bug :)

It's not a bug, though I'd say detecting that it's being fed an array
wouldn't be a bad feature to add.

> Usually I us to
> var a  = Class.create((function() {
>    var _privates = [];
>    function initialize() {
>       _privates.push({});
>       this.internalId = _privates.length-1;
>       _privates[this.internalId].items = [];  <-- here the instances items
>       ...

How do you ever clean up the private data for instances that have been
released and reclaimed by the GC? Some kind of destroy contract and
hope you don't miss out a destroy call?

-- T.J.

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