I am looking for a list of major differences between 1.6.and 1.7, with an eye 
toward things you could do in 1.6 that just don't work in 1.7. 

The back story: I have written a lot of Actions (plug-ins for Softpress 
Freeway) that use the Prototype/Scriptaculous stack, and there are two, soon to 
be three major versions in use within the user base. Depending on which version 
of Freeway they are using, one of three different versions of "Protaculous" may 
be used against the same set of functions. Prototype,, and 
1.7.0; Scriptaculous 1.8.1, 1.8.3, and 1.9.0.

Many of these just call Scriptaculous effects and pass an element and some 
parameters to them, so they're relatively safe. Others get deeper into hashes 
and arrays and iterators, and so I'm worrying that there may be some changes 
that could trip me up.

Google is not my friend. Can anyone help?



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