I have a B2B web application that is developed on Struts JSP using
Prototype JS library (version 1.4.0) for AJAX. I have a client running
my application on IE8. She is intermittently getting the http status
code of 12019 (this is an IE specific status code for
ERROR_INTERNET_INCORRECT_HANDLE_STATE). She is the only person in the
client shop that gets the error and she cannot consistently reproduce
the error. However, after she gets the error, she can close her
browser and logs in again to go to the same page as before and not get
the error.

Initially the client shop was on IE6 SP2 and all the users got the
error 12019 intermittently also. After researching on the internet, we
recommended that they upgrade to IE8 to see if the error is resolved
because error 12019 is widely associated with IE6. Now that everyone
in the client shop has upgraded to IE8, and after about 2 months after
the upgrade, one user is beginning to get the error 12019 again. We
have been unable to reproduce the error under various scenarios in

One more thing to add, in one instance, the user that was getting the
12019 error code also got an exception message coming back from the
AJAX call. The exception message is: System error: -2146697208.

Googling this exception message indicates that it is tied to the error
"The download of the specific resource has failed." The same message
has been seen before by the same client when they were on IE6, but on
IE6, they saw the explicit message rather than the exception code.

Does anyone have this similar problem or know of a fix or know of a
way for me to reproduce this in order to find a solution?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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