Here's an example. I realize I left a couple of points out of the CSS -- 
background-position and repeat.

This page also demonstrates two different uses of the overlay technique. The 
first, as in a lightbox, is click to show, click on the overlay to hide. The 
second uses the Ajax.Responders.register method to hook all Ajax requests on 
the page with one behavior. (It also disables the click-to-close behavior for 
the duration, so it becomes a modal overlay.) 

Once this is hooked up, you could have dozens of separate Ajax functions 
running on this page, and each one would trigger the overlay while it was 
running. Note the use of defer inside these methods, you really need that in 
Firefox, maybe Safari, or the overlay will either never show, or never hide -- 
the page will just get stuck during the request.


On May 9, 2012, at 5:26 AM, Phil Petree wrote:

> I had already tried that...  that set the spinner as the background image for 
> the page.  Spent two hours mucking around with it and had to move on to 
> something else.  Ill revist it later thus week.

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