I apologize if i'm vague in my message as I'm not really a programmer. I am 
running a website at http://www.mariyalivchikova.com . The page here 
http://www.mariyalivchikova.com/russian/index2.php , the top banner is 
supposed to fade to a new image every 4 seconds. On IE 9 and all earlier 
versions of IE, Firefox, and other known browsers, it works fine. However, 
on IE 10, the fade effect doesn't work. The image changes, but without the 
It will work if I fall back to compatibility view, but I'm hoping to avoid 
this just so the code is natively compatible with the newer IE. 
I am quite certain the code is using prototype to support the image fading. 
I upgraded to the latest prototype, version 1.7.1 knowing that there's code 
changes that's supposed to make this effect work in IE 10. I went ahead and 
upgraded the latest scriptaculous as well. I did find the steps on this 
page (


, but the lines they reference aren't the same and even when I found the 
lines and applied the revision, it made no difference.
I'm guessing that the newer version I applied of prototype does fix the 
issue, but I may need to revise the code on my page to utilize the feature. 
Can anyone help me identify why the fade effect does not work in IE10?
Thank you!
Alan Owen

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