I have a rest web service like

@Path("/postItem")@Produces({ MediaType.APPLICATION_XML, 
MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON })public Item postItem(@QueryParam("name") String 
name, @QueryParam("price") String price){
  return new Item(name , price);}

And I use prototypejs javascript lib to invoke above rest web service from 
the client side with below code snippet.

  new Ajax.Request('/some_url', {
    parameters: {name: 'apple', price: 12}
    onSuccess: function(transport) {
    var response = transport.responseText || "no response text";
    alert("Success! \n\n" + response);
    onFailure: function() { alert('Something went wrong...'); }

Problem : I am not able to correctly pass the parameter to name and price 
of the service method.

I am passing two parameters in client but in service side only the 
parameter 'name' is getting mapped(that too with wrong value). when i print 
the name and price i get the following

 System.out.println(name);  ==> null 

 System.out.println(price); ==> null

How can i pass parameter to service from prototypejs client so that 'name' 
gets the value apple and 'price' gets the value 12.

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