> Wow. I wonder why it just this minute came up for moderation? That's 
> Google Groups for you... 

Just ran into the problem, so posted my solution.

Is there a specific reason you are using such an old (years!) version of 
> Prototype? 1.7.1 is current, and even it is getting a little long in the 
> tooth

Someone decided in 2007 in that 1.5.1 was a good version. App was built in 
2010. No one wanted to do a full regression to test a newer version since. 
Why are other conflicting libs loaded? Someone wiser than I thought it wise 
to have Prototype, JQuery, and DOMAssistant in the same page. In this case, 
it is causing issues, but sadly there are dependencies on all three 
throughout a very large code base.

Are you trying to get an array of classnames from an element, or are you 
> trying to remove a class from an element? Because there's the 
> Element#removeClassName if the latter. It does pretty much what you do 
> here, except it returns an extended element, not an array of strings. You 
> could get the former with this: 
> $(this).removeClassName(classNameToRemove).className.toString().split(/\s+/);

Because the internal *includes()* method is corrupted via DOMAssistant's 
overwriting of the *each()* method, the built in methods for *
removeClassName*()* *break. Because I cannot change the libs in use (I 
really would like to), I created an alternative remove method that does not 
use *each*() and implemented it in this case. Not pretty,  but it works.

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