Hi all,

If I go to the Prototype documentation and click on Ajax.Request, it gives 
me a nice summary with a few basic examples.

On that page it says "As you can see under the "Ajax options" heading of 
the Ajax <http://prototypejs.org/doc/latest/ajax/Ajax/>, Prototype's AJAX 
objects define a whole slew of callbacks" - however on that URL I can't see 
any documentation about the available options.

If instead I look at the Ajax.Request constructor 
<http://prototypejs.org/doc/latest/ajax/Ajax/Request/new/> documentation, 
it says about the options parameter "Configuration for the request. See the 
Ajax <http://prototypejs.org/doc/latest/ajax/Ajax/> for more information."  
The link just goes back to the main Ajax page where I can't see any info 
about the available options.

Am I missing something, or is there no documentation about the Ajax.Request 


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