> How can I get the contentType set to include the MIME boundary used by the 
> HTML5 FormData object?

I've done a little more investigating, and if I make this change to 
prototype.js then it fixes the problem:

diff --git a/js/prototype.js b/js/prototype.js
index cc89daf..70e2e58 100644
--- a/js/prototype.js
+++ b/js/prototype.js
@@ -1762,8 +1762,6 @@ Ajax.Request = Class.create(Ajax.Base, {
     if (this.method == 'post') {
-      headers['Content-type'] = this.options.contentType +
-        (this.options.encoding ? '; charset=' + this.options.encoding : ''
       /* Force "Connection: close" for older Mozilla browsers to work
        * around a bug where XMLHttpRequest sends an incorrect

Is there any way to tell Prototype to leave the HTTP Content-Type unset?  
It looks like jQuery handles this by having contentType set to false, but I 
can't see how Prototype handles it.


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