Hi all,

I am struggling a bit to get a HTML5 FormData object submitting with 
Prototype's Ajax.Request().

Because the form data needs to be submitted as multipart/form-data, I need 
to set the Content-Type to include the MIME boundary, otherwise the 
receiving end can't decode the multipart/form-data content.

I am doing something like this:

var d = new FormData();
d.append('name', $F('name'));
d.append('type', 'blah');
d.append('filecontent', $('file').files[0]);

new Ajax.Request('url', {
    method: 'post',
    //contentType: 'multipart/form-data', // need MIME boundary
    postBody: d,
    onSuccess: function(r) { }

If I leave out the contentType parameter, then the form gets submitted as 
application/x-www-form-urlencoded, but the content is in 
multipart/form-data so it is not possible to decode it.  If I set the 
contentType to multipart/form-data then the recipient complains that the 
MIME boundary is missing from the HTTP Content-Type header.

How can I get the contentType set to include the MIME boundary used by the 
HTML5 FormData object?

Many thanks,

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