Dear Roger,

I am working on several issues at this time.

1.) Someone complained that in Provo you can only have
2 dogs or cats and not two of each. I have asked the
administration to research this and explain why we
have a different standard.
2.)Our parking standards for rentals are too
restrictive, including not allowing offsite and shared
parking arrangements.
3.) The required offstreet parking in the SCAMP area
is unrealistic. My research shows only 60 to 80% of
the students have cars south of campus.  The
requirement of one parking space per student is making
it hard for developers to redevelop in this area.

We usually don't hear from the Mayors staff about
unreasonable rules or unreasonable enforcement.  We
occassionaly hear from the public.
If you are aware of problems that need to be addressed
please let me know.

Even small changes can take months.  It took me six
months to grandfather existing gravel and Hollywood
strip driveways.  Staff insisted that these be brought
up to todays standards.  I argued back that this had
nothing to do with life and safety.  They countered
that it would make the neighborhood look better.  I
said that was not the intent of the Apartment
Licensing Ordinance.

Let me know if I can be of any help.          Dave

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