2011/7/10 Chusslove Illich <caslav.i...@gmx.net>:
>> [: mvillarino :]
>> your fine pology is heavily used by the Gnome l10n team for Galician
>> language:
>> http://wiki.trasno.net/GNOME/Verificación/Verificación_con_Posieve_en_GNOME_3.0
>> http://wiki.trasno.net/Uso_de_Pology_en_GNOME
> That's very interesting to know, thank you for the links.

At all.

> The Gnome Galician team too is welcome to start adding Gnome-specific rules,
> general rules, or anything else Galician related, into Pology distribution,
> if they so wish. (In coordination with yourself, of course, to avoid
> stepping over each other's toes.)

Im forwarding this e-mail to somewhere they will receive the appeal...

> Judging from the procedure described on the first link, they may also be
> interested in formally avoiding false positives, for which there are
> severeal ways as described in section on rules in Pology manual.

Sure. However defining some think of standard "populate gnome/xfce
header" would be nice too. Also, iirc, the translations credits format
is a litte different (need to confirm this point).

> --
> Chusslove Illich (Часлав Илић)
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